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Sunset in Agat

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Gadao's Latest Music Links

Picture yourself at this beautiful beach, kicked back, enjoying a cool tropical breeze as the waves gently break on the shore in front of you! Well this is Gadao's world on Guam - island style that is! Sometimes it's nice to just relax and take in the beauty of the moment. But sometimes it's party time! You know... gupot, fiesta, fire up the barbeque and crank up some tunes!

Gadao's aim is to share some links to some great tunes that you might not normally hear. Some tunes will be jammin' and some will be mellow. Some may be island tunes but hopefully all will be pleasing.

Lagoona - My Way: This WAY to the party!

Lagoona website

These folks do such a great job. Very easy to see why they are so popular. Fade Studios - She vs. Me:A sample of the terrific music on their site!

Fade Studios website

Opinash - The Way to Do It:This guy has some great music on his site! All are very catchy tunes. Be sure to check it out!

Opinash website

Boomer of Kosmic - Energia2 (Inertia Remix):This site is terrific. Excellent music, terrific graphics - very professional all the way. Music has a harder indusrial edge which I really like.

Molotov Bliss website

Kalapana website

Kalapana is one of Gadao's most favorite bands. Unfortunately there are no mp3's at this site. But anyone who is fan of Kalapana will want to stop in and check out the site and photos of the band. Have patience because the site is slow to load, but worth the wait!

Mackey Feary

NOTE: The tragic death of Mackey Feary, one of the founding members of Kalapana is profoundly saddening. The smothering grip of crystal methamphetamines has struck down yet another beloved and very talented entertainer. For those who are not familiar with this tragedy please visit this link:

Bryant Mackey Feary Memorial Web Site

Notes of condolences and encouragement to the Feary family may still be sent to the following link:

Interested in Hawaii and the language there? Then check out this link on how to speak Hawaiian and the Best of Hawaii sites.

If you find there is a link that is not working please let me know. I don't always catch these things right away. Also if you have some suggestion or comment for Gadao feel free to drop me a line!

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Gadao's   Big   Music   Page

Updated: 04/21/99

Gadao's Commentary:

Hafa Adai todos! Welcome back to Gadao's. Today I am announcing that I will no longer directly provide mp3 files for your download. I will provide links to legal sites and sites of artists who provide mp3's of their own music. I will provide the latest links to the best mp3 sites I can find. I will review sites and music and provide other related links, but no more direct mp3 downloads unfortunately.

I have recently investigated becoming a legal site and providing legal use of music and even legal downloads. Unfortunatley the catch is I would have to turn this into a profit making site in order to pay the musicians and the myriad of middle-men their cut. That would mean advertisers, pop-up windows, flashing annimated gifs, and the regular B.S. you find on any other commercial web site. The very thought of contaminating this site with that drivel nauseates me.

Gadao's intent is to provide a friendly environment for sharing some of his favorite tunes, and not to lure people to this site to turn a profit so that I can pay dues to the music industry. It would be one thing if the musicians got the money directly. After all it is their music and I want to support their efforts. But the way the system is set up it would turn me into one of the other middle-men required to make a profit. I don't have the time not desire to run a site like that.

My goal is to let you try a few things, and if you like it then go buy it! If you don't buy it today, you might buy it big deal. If you don't buy it at all, that's o.k. too. At least you had a chance to sample what other people are listening to and enjoy.

This year I have seen virtually all of my most favorite and well built mp3 sites quit or get forcibly removed from the web by the music police. I realize that the law is the law and that is why I am doing this. I don't want to continue to worry about whether my link or the download will offend some artist or the recording industry.

I'm sure I will have more to say about this in the near future. If you have any comments, thoughts, questions, answeres, agreements, disagreements, etc., then please feel free to drop me a line. Meanwhile, check out the links provided. There's a wealth of great tunes available directly from the artists listed. Esta...

Gadao's Special

Blumchen - Boom Boom:I love this song. It may be a few years old, but it is still a lot of fun. Check it out!

Blumchen - Boomerang cover

What... you mean you don't know how to speak German? Well then perhaps you might want to visit this site and learn how!

Neogen - Sex on the Beach:This is a very cool techno/dance song which you should definitely check out. Scope out the Neogen site at for more great techno jamz.

Neogen cover

Not sure what an MP3 is? Want to get a MP3 player? Just check out this link!

ATTENTION: Winamp version 2.10 is now available!

This version seems to be very cool. Has a new Winamp browser feature which is quite nice. Gadao says check it out!

Rip your own Mp3's!

For those who are interested in ripping your own MP3's, there are many flavors of programs out there, available both for free and for a fee. Gadao likes to use Digital Audio Copy and sometimes Mp3 Compressor. Mp3 compressor is free and you can download it now from Gadao. Party on!

Gadao's Big List of Music Links

Warning- Gadao apologizes; many of these links are not working or have moved. I will fix them shortly.

Keola Beamer's Slack Key Web Page: One of my favorite slack key artists
K's MP3's Main: Nice site but only music from White Town now.
Swedish Dance Chart Mp3's: Techno music galore!
Dimension Music: A fine mp3 and general music resource
Cyber Man's Mp3z: Another great mp3 and music resource
P u r e - MP3: A great site with loads of links
Asmith Networks: One of the best legal mp3 sites
Mp3 and Movie Freakin' Heaven!!!: More mp3s and such
Mp3 Download-Dance/techno: Good selection and nice page homepage:Has long been a terrific site for legal mp3's, utilities, etc. Is this site the wave of the future?
Audio Shock homepage: Nicely done page with Mp3's, utilities, etc

Gadao's Archive

Once upon a time, your old friend Gadao had a modest but nice mp3 page that featured some great jamz. Then the music police showed up and the rest is history. For those who did not have the opportunity to visit Gadao's old site and indulge in the opportunity to sample to some great tunes, here is a list of what was posted. I can't legally post these anymore, but you may E-mail me for more info!

  • Antiloop -I'm Gorgeous
  • Betty 'n Boop -No dinero No Amor
  • Catatonia -Mulder and Scully
  • Catatonia -Road Rage
  • Catatonia -Part of The Furniture
  • Catatonia -Game On
  • Catatonia -I am the Mob
  • Catatonia -International Velvet
  • Catatonia -Strange Glue
  • Catatonia -The Ballad of Tom Jones
  • Catatonia -Golfish and Paracetamol
  • Catatonia -Why I Can't Stand One Night Stands
  • Catatonia -Johnny Come Lately
  • Catatonia -My Selfish Gene
  • Catatonia -Don't Need the Sunshine
  • Catatonia -Bleed
  • Cecilio & Kapono -Highway in the Sun
  • DJ Company -Rhythm of Love
  • DJ Gabo -My House is Your House
  • DJ Gabo -Dance Machine
  • Israel Kamakawiwo'ole -Living in a Sovereign Land
  • Israel Kamakawiwo'ole -Hi'ilawe
  • Jesse Cook -Tempest
  • Jesse Cook -Brio
  • Jesse Cook -Gravity
  • Jesse Cook -Mario Takes a Walk
  • Kalapana -Inarajan
  • Kalapana -I Need Your Love
  • Kalapana -Molokai Sweet Home
  • Kalapana -Midnight Sailing
  • Kamasutra -Happiness (feat. Jocelyn Brown)
  • Keola Beamer -Hi' ilawe
  • Lagoona- My Way
  • Mangu -Calle Luna, Calle Sol
  • Nayobe -Let's Party Tonight
  • New York Mambo
  • Paradisio -Bailando
  • Paradisio -Paseo
  • Pretenders -The Wait
  • Red 5 -Jump
  • Sash! -Sweat (feat. La Trec)
  • Sash! - Mighty Break
  • Sash! - Move Mania
  • Skunk Anansie -Brazen (Weep)
  • The Sunclub -Fiesta '98 (mix)
  • Tito Nieves -I Like It Like That!
  • Tito Nieves -Bang Bang

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