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About Gadao's Big Guam Page

Welcome to Gadao's beachside website about the beautiful island of Guam. For those who have never been to Guam you'll find it's a paradise full of sunshine, tropical breezes, and friendly faces! I've got some interesting links to help you get the flavor of life here, island style life that is!

For those who are newcomers to Gadao's beachfront corner of the web, you might be wondering...'Gadao- what kind of name is that? If you follow this link it will explain some of the history of this honorable name. But please bear in mind I do not typically break coconuts with my hands, it's usually with a hammer!


KUAM.COM - Guam's best online source for news, information, and entertainment

The latest Guam news from KUAM.COM

Gadao's Big List of Guam Links

Talayero Tales
Rarely updated anymore, but still an excellent commentary on island lifestyle!
Auntie Charo!
The best in the latest island news and commentary.
Bisita Guam - with Ben Blaz
A superb site for Chamorro history and cultural information.
A terrific new site from Alex Sian of Virtual Guam fame! Lots of Guam info- check it out!
Life on Guam as a family of four
A great site by some new friends! Check out their terrific links, inspirational articles and family news!
Mansapit Family Homepage
A great Guamanian home page! Stop in and visit with or without your zorries!
Bob Johns Homepage
Another great Guamanian home page! Lots of good info and links, check it out!
EQ Web Designs
Great web design site, with Paint shop Pro tips. Unfortunatley he no longer has Chamorro music.
Islan Guahan Web Page
Very nice site with a terrific selection of Chamorro music.
Brown Bag Audio Productions
Ray Baza has a great site, I don't know why I have not listed it until now. Check out the Chamorro midis!
IT&E Overseas Inc.
A source for some Guam E-mail addresses and personal web pages!
GTA telephone directory
Find the Guam phone numbers you're looking for online!
Guam Election Coverage
Election results, coverage and archive of election info.
Rlene Live Home
Great commentary and insight on Guam news & issues. Off-islanders check her photo section for current event pics!
KUAM: First on Guam!
This site has been completely revamped and greatly improved! Gadao says check it out now!
Newstalk K-57 radio on Guam
Check out realtime news from Guam on RealAudio.
Marianas Variety
HOORAY!...This page is back in business! Gadao says check it out!
The Honolulu Star Bulletin
For those who desire more news from the Pacific
The Honolulu Advertiser
I prefer The Star Bulletin, but to be fair the Advertiser is good also.
Latte Magazine online
A great site from our favorite home-grown magazine. Interesting feature articles, but no longer updated.
Honolulu Weekly Front Page
Additional perspective from our friends in Hawaii
Saipan Tribune Online - Top Headlines
A terriffic source for current events on Saipan.
Manila Bulletin
Best resource for current events in the Philippines.
Business World - Manila,Philippines
A great resource for current business info in the Philippines.
Pacific Daily News
A little slow to load but a good source for Guam news!
PMC Isla Health System
A very nicely done site with interesting health care links and info on staying healthy i.e cut down on the bbq spare ribs!
Guam Memorial Hospital
Info on Guam's largest health care facility open to the general public
U. S. Naval Hospital, Guam
Nice site but slow to load. Guam's military healthcare facility (and perhaps best facility).
Entertainment Guam
A terrific new site for all types of entainment on Guam!
Area 50 Brown Tree Snake Guam
A must visit site for info on recent brown tree snake removal research conducted on Guam!
NBII: Brown Tree Snake Online
Fascinating information about Guam's infamous brown tree snake!
University of Guam Marine Lab
Learn about current marine research being done on Guam!
Golfing Guam!
A quick reference for some of the golf on Guam!
Trades Jazz Club
After a day at the beach, why not round it off with some great jazz!
Guam Shopping Guide
Where to shop 'til you drop!
Guam Super Shopper
A great online shopping reference
Guam Cyberstore
More teriffic Guam products and gifts online
Coconut Villa Gift Shop
A great resource for Chamorro CD's and Chamorro handcrafts on-line. One of my favorites! Tell em Gadao sent you!
Island Treasures on-line shopping
Where to buy goods from Micronesia on-line!
Peska Net Dot Com aka Shop Guam Online
A fine selection of Chamorro music and books! Gadao says check it out!
Music Micronesia.com
Micronesian music and even some mp3's for download!
Guam CyberMag
A good resource for some Guam business links!
Guam Chamber of Commerce
Visitor & business info galore
Guam official Web Page
A terrific resource for all information about Guam.
Government of Guam - Official Depts
Here is a handy shortcut to GovGuam's department links and e-mail addresses
Guam Speaker of the House
An old site but worth noting for reference and information
Guam Visitors Bureau
They have a slow server, but great info for visitors.
Kuentos Home page
Where Guam's internet day begins.
Gef Pa'go Inalahan
Information about the Chamorro Cultural Village in Inarahan!
Guam National Tennis Federation
Nice site and great info about tennis events on Guam!
GNOC Homepage
Everything you wanted to know about the South Pacific Games, but were afraid to ask!
The Chamorro Web Ring
Many links to personal Guam web sites!
The Micronesian Islands Webring
Great site with links to Guam and other Micronesian web pages!
Virtual Guam
Gone but not forgotten! This was a terrific Guam site.
The Microstate Network
A superb jumping off point for Pacific Island information.
Pacific Islands Monthly
More news and events for the Pacific region. Very nice site.
Welcome to Chamorro Land!
Site has a great Chamorro language section
Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Home Page
A terrrific web site for the other islands in the Marianas.
RotaIsland.com - Info about the island of Rota
A good resource for information about Guam's neighboring island.
The CocoNET Wireless, Pacific Islands News
Hooray! This site is up and running again. Check it out!
USP GIS Pacific Island Atlas
A nice source of maps and general in for the Pacific Islands!
The Japan Times Online
A great site to keep up with current events in Japan!
Friends Of Micronesia [FOM]
A nice site with fun info about our neighboring islands.

Gadao's Big Guam Page

Supporting our courageous troops in Afghanistan, the Middle East and elsewhere in the world.

Let's Learn Chamorro!

Visitors to this site who are not familiar with Guam may wonder about the language there. While today English is predominant on Guam, Chamorro is the native language and still spoken frequently. It is an ancient language with it's roots dating back 5,000 years! Gadao has gathered for your convenience links to some excellent Chamorro language resources. Please take some time and explore these links and learn the language and history of the noble and courageous Chamorro people of Guam!

Fino Chamorro
Terrific wav files featuring Chamorro words and phrases!
Kanton Tasi-Fino Chamorro
A very nice lesson in some basic Chamorro words and a new Chamorro dictionary!
Languages of Guam
Downloadable Chamorro translator and language lessons!
offisland.com -- Chamorro Language
A superb site with terrific language lessons!
Talayero Tales-Nov9
Excellent commentary on the Chamorro language vs English!

Gadao's Weather Links

Hey! What's the weather going to be like today in Merizo? The same as Agana-sunny and warm! See you at the beach!

Check out these great links for additional weather info!

National Weather Service Office, Tiyan, Guam
A no non-sense, hour by hour text report of current weather on Guam.
Chicken Little's Weather Page
A great resource for the latest island weather report with cool graphs.
USA Today (Guam Weather)
This site has a nice 5 day forecast and links to other cities.
WeatherPost--Agana, Guam
Weather page from the Washington post. Great links and animated weather views!
NPMOCW Western Pacific Ocean
Terrific Pacific weather and seas info! Be sure to check the Java full disk water vapor link - truly impressive!

Gadao's Bonus Special Feature

Recently Gadao was asked a question by a web site visitor regarding Guam mammals. As a result of that query and my subsequent answere, I thought I'd post for everyone's entertainment and edification some links about the ever popular Chamorro delicacy of fruit bats! Hey I know you won't see fruit bat on the menu at McDonalds, or a new Chamorro Slam breakfast at Denny's featuring these creatures! But they were and still are popular enough to be endangered. So why not learn a little about some research that was done regarding these animals and reflect on their cultural significance.

Bat Conservancy Intl
Lemke, Dr. Thomas O., 1986. Marianas Fruit Bats Near Extinction . BATS. Vol 3, No 1:1-2.
Bat Conservancy Intl
Payne, Nicholas, 1984. Fruit Bat Off the Menu? . BATS. Vol 1, No 1:1-2.
Rachel's Bat Basics
Good general information about bats with links to additional info!
Fruit Bat Soup
For those who don't agree with fruit bat conservation, here's a nice recipe. Barbequed with a finadene marinade is good also!

Primordial Latte Stones

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